Our mission is to help you understand voices surrounding your app

Appsedia is a social listening tool created by ProCogia, a data science consulting company. In our years consulting for clients, we discovered that our customer’s pain points went far beyond needing someone to explain numbers and data but the need for easily understandable visualizations.

By taking data, typically seen as complex and accessible only to data scientists, we put it into simplified charts and a streamlined dashboard that translates across all departments. From community, product, and marketing teams to senior executives and product owners, we help companies save time while making data-driven decisions.

The power behind our tools is in our AI Text Analysis Engine, which helps to understand written text in any shape or form automatically. This allows us to collect and provide far more data insight than other competitors on the market. And it only gets better with time. Our AI Engine learns with you, so the more you work with it, the greater insights you gain on your customers.

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Our Core Values

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We are incrementally building out our internal app library, focusing on the accuracy of data science models and the quality of insights.

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We are working to make the data in Appsedia as actionable as possible. We succeed every time you use Appsedia to make more informed decisions.

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We are a driving force of continuous improvement in the ever-evolving field of product social analytics. We are constantly experimenting and always learning more ways to place you at the leading edge of product social analytics.

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