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Monitor, reply, and analyze app reviews and ratings from social media and app marketplaces. Appsedia has the tools to help you find feature requests, customer pain points, and brand positioning opportunities.

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Appsedia - Sentiment Analysis

Track customer trends all in one place

With Appsedia’s tools, dashboard, and API, you can track the data needed to measure your app’s customer performance.

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Sentiment Analysis

Understand the emotional impact your app has on the public and your customers.

Topic Modeling
Appsedia - Product Development

Improve customer loyalty across all teams

Whether you’re in community, product, or marketing management, Appsedia helps teams take action to improve ratings, reviews, and roadmaps.

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Product Development

Accelerate product development with data-driven insights.

Market Research

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"I love how Appsedia allows me to look at my competitors trends and see what way the overall market is moving."

Carol Doyle, Product Manager

Carol Doyle, Product Manager
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